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This book began when I moved to New York’s  East Village in the early 1980s. In its dirty, ruble-strewn streets among the graffiti and the garbage, I found creative energy—poetry readings, graffiti art, and music flowing from the multitude of bars and performance spaces. Most interesting were the young people who hung around the legendary CBGB, an exotic and forbidding-looking “tribe,”  sporting torn clothing, body metal and shaved heads or spiked hair.  I began photographing them in the clubs and soon was invited into their “squats” in abandoned tenement buildings. Poverty, drugs and crime had fueled the decline of the area and these buildings slid into decay and were gutted or burned down. Here they lived as a collective, mattresses on floors, rigging electricity from adjacent buildings, taking showers with fire hydrants. As we talked, they expressed a profound alienation from mainstream society as well as a wish for freedom, purpose and integrity.  They had a “do it yourself ” ethic — forming their own bands, writing their own songs, making their own records, creating their own magazines and their own style.  I chose to photograph them in their daily lives, not just the clubs, so that the viewer can look beyond the forbidding social markers—skulls, swastikas, studs, chains and spiked hairdos — beyond the defiance and see their humanity and vulnerability.  

​​Released November 2016

​​Lilian Caruana Photography